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Why Masturbate, When You Can Have An Almost-Real Partner?

Love dolls have changed a lot for people who want to have a life-sized adult toy. Of course, not all love dolls are the same, but no matter what features they have, they give people other outlets than masturbation. Love dolls have experienced a rise in popularity throughout the years. This is because so many people are now more open to trying out and owning love dolls compared to before.

This is also because of the exposure that love dolls have gotten throughout the years. At one time, they were only found in the “taboo” parts of the community. But now, you can find them in movies, in news, and even in documentaries. It’s because love dolls have also developed greatly even putting AI technology into newer models which would pique a lot of interest.

Can Love Dolls Be Your Partner in Real Life?

Love dolls can be whoever you want them to be. This is the perk of love dolls because people can not only use them as a substitute to masturbate but they can also be a partner. Usually, people who buy love dolls are very curious about how to use the toy. And a huge portion of the love doll owners treats their dolls as nothing but another adult toy.

Then you also have another portion who treat their love dolls as their partners. This means that they have a bond with their love dolls and they are attached to them emotionally. There’s nothing wrong with this since love dolls were made to fulfill any kind of fantasy of their owner. This is why whether or not they are treated as toys or actual partners, works for them either way.

Is it Better to Go for Modern Love Dolls?

When it comes to modern love dolls, you are talking about AI love dolls. These are love dolls that have been integrated by AI. Why do love dolls need AI nowadays? It’s because companies like innovation and as more love dolls companies appear, the need to stand out also rises. With AI love dolls, competition is becoming stronger and more people get interested.

Nowadays you can find AI love dolls being sold in the market. They are quite pricey compared to classic love dolls, but they are different from the rest. These AI love dolls do cater to the fantasy of some for a human and robot relationship. In some cases, people preferred AI love dolls because they can interact with their dolls, unlike typical love dolls. It all depends on the taste of the owner.