Kutná Hora

The Silver path

Nothing similar can beat the feeling that you enjoy being under the ground. You may read hundreds of  books about mining, you may hang pictures from caves on walls of your room and you may watch films about miners for years and yet you will know nothing about it. Only when you are under the ground of Kutná Hora you may understand some bits of its history. Soil of eternal night makes Kutná Hora miners feel exclusively and this exclusivity was felt by their fellow citizens. You may now see the interiors of the soil of ageless darkness.

Firstly, your guide will stop you near the mining machine which was called „trejv“. It was pulled by a pair of horses, that walked in rounds and were able to pick from depth of 200 metres even one tone of material. For your next adventure you will be given „perkytle“ – mining coat with hood, light and helmet. If you were given a hammer as well, you would probably think that guides want to keep you for several weeks under ground and leave you in exchange for some silver you mined. You will not be there for weeks, but alas, the excursion is one hour and half long. You will go through a drift that is quarter a kilometre long and you will pass drifts filled with clear water and nearly everywhere you can see small scratches from mining hammers. Maybe sometimes you will feel a cold on your neck, that´s why you have the „perkytle“, sometimes you will feel strongness of the rock, that´s why you have the helmet. But what is the most important, only under the ground you can experience the totall darkness. It is worth thinking about mining in the way, that miners were working under the earth surface for whole day and they percieved this space as a place near to hell – so their fantasies could have been full of interesting images. To keep their minds still they used very simple strategy – they sung. This method is even advised to the visitors of the drift. The path is sometimes very narrow and it is necessary to walk sideways, but even larger people don´t have to be afraid. Guides say that everybody passed...

When one goes up again, he or she wants to kiss a leaves of the closest tree and maybe he or she gets sick when seeing how high is the sky. Living under the earth surface is unnatural and it even resembles something forbidden. But after a while, maybe next day, you will maybe want to try it again and even deeper. The exhibition ends in a room that is changed into a iron-mill and a mint. They have got a furnace, miner and coin master there, all very nicely arranged. A real guide will then tell you how the silver was processed in the medieval era. You will witness the whole „Silver path“ – from the first tap of a mining hammer to the last hit of coinmaker´s mallet. Maybe you will forget all you hear in a while, but the feeling you experienced in the mine will be hardly deleted. Being deeply under the earth surface opens the depth of ourselves.

If you want to know something more about mining in Kutná Hora, just browse this web.


Barborská 28, 284 01 Kutná Hora
Phone.: 327 512 159
Fax: 327 513 813
E-mail: info@cms-kh.cz
Orders: objednavky@cms-kh.cz

Opening times:
April and October:  9.00 to 17.00
May, June and September: 
9.00 to 18.00
July and August:
10.00 to 18.00
10.00 to 16.00

monday – closed
Sightseeing starts every half an hour.

I. path - "Město stříbra"
Adults 70,– Kč
Childern, students 40,– Kč

II. path - "Cesta stříbra"
Adults 120,– Kč
Childern, students 80,– Kč

I. + II. path
Adults 140,– Kč
Childern, students 90,– Kč

Foregin language:
+ 20,- Kč per person

50,- Kč per group

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