Kutná Hora

Hrádek (Small castle)

Hrádek resembles a small castle not only by its name. It does not have its castle tower, but who would need it at the end of 15th Century? In that times (as well as today) a house ought to represent wealth and taste of its owner. And the owner of this house could walk through the town in funny medieval shoes and no one could poke fun on him. He was respected in the same way as his house was. At least theoretically.

HradekHrádek was originally a wooden fort defending the town, but later on it was rebuilded as a place to live in. It was owned by many owners who gave him spectacular gothic appearence. In 1490 it was bought for a huge amount of money by Jan Smíšek from Vrchoviště. This new owner can easily be a patron of all rich people. For 30 years of his enterpreneurship in Kutná Hora he changed from average miner to one of the richest people in Bohemian kingdom. Some say he was a cheater and gained his wealth from secret iron-mill, which was covered as a black kitchen. Maybe they are right, but Mr. Smíšek supported constructing church of Saint Barbora and reconstruction of church of Holy Trinity. On the other hand this charitative behaviour could have had racional reasons, because having Saint Barbora (patron of all miners) on your side is similar to having a diplomat between God and your wallet on your side. Reconstruction of church of Holy The Trinity was investment to the future. A family tomb that was buildt there should serve as a living place in which he should spend a lot of time. At least to the ressurection. He was given an aristocratic title in 1492 and he let his new coat of arms (with a white unicorn) be painted nearly everywhere, so no one could hesitate that Hrádek is a house of real aristocrat. His new societal status was intensified by the gothic appearence of the building, but the interiors were in rennaisance style, because this was more comfortable. There is significant difference between gothic bed and the rennaisance one.

HradekThe prestige of Hrádek declined since 17th Century. Widow of Zbyněk Libštejnský from Kolowraty started illegal enterpreneurship here and she operated butchery, bakery and even she tapped beer here.  It could have been a funny place, but roaring of slaughtered cattle and drunk songs of miners probably do not make a place more aristocratic. Times of banquets were over when Jesuites started operating dormitory here and later on the object was used for operating a local school inside of it. During the WWII Hrádek was occupied by policemen... Nothing against them, but gothic architecture somehow does not correspond with the police services... Today Czech Museum of Silver is operated in Hrádek, which prepared two paths of excursions for you. You can see the exposition about history of the town and get to know something about local rich people or you can see samples of all ores that had been mined there. But the greatest attraction here is the Silver path.


Barborská 28 Street, 284 01 Kutná Hora
Telephone: 327 512 159
Fax: 327 513 813
E-mail: info@cms-kh.cz
Orders: objednavky@cms-kh.cz

april and october
9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
may, june and september
9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
july and august
10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

monday – closed
excursions start every half an hour

Entrance fee: 
I. path - "City of Silver"
adults 70,– Kč
children and students 40,– Kč

II. path - "Silver path"
adults 120,– Kč
children and students 80,– Kč

BOTH paths for favoured fee – adults 140,– Kč
children and students 90,– Kč 

Entrance fee in foreign language: 
I. path - "City of Silver"
adults 90,– Kč
children and students 60,– Kč

II. path - "Silver path"
adults 140,– Kč
children and students 100,– Kč

BOTH paths for favoured fee – adults 160,– Kč
children and students 110,– Kč

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